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The Audubon Society of Kentucky is a nonprofit organization located in Lexington, Ky. We support organizations and activities that  share our desire to enlighten the public about  our ecosystem and the need to protect it. We also organize birding field trips around the Bluegrass area. We invite anyone to participate in any of our activities  and field trips. You need not be a member of our society, nor need to be an experience birder. A desire to get out of doors is all that is necessary. All ages are welcome. Please come out with us.

About Us


Near the end of the nineteenth century outrage began to build against the wholesale slaughter of birds in the United States. Organizations began to form to confront the mindless killing. In 1896 several “fashionable ladies” of Boston encouraged the formation of the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Many states quickly followed this lead. By 1899 there were 15 other state Audubon Societies. In 1910 the Kentucky Audubon Society was formed in Lexington, Kentucky. The name was changed to the Audubon Society of Kentucky in the 1920’s. An effort was made by all the societies to introduce the public to the world of birds, as we continue to do today.

Photo by Ed Talbot

Judy Lundquist - Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ed Talbot - Black-throated Blue Warbler

Tina Nauman - Sandhill Cranes